Shape the Future with Microsoft

Concero and Microsoft’s partnership offers you the best pricing on Windows 10 Education devices.

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1:1 devices, your pathway to better learning

Enable remote and independent learning with Shape the Future, Eduwins, HP Super 6 devices

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Lease and learn

Get what you need now and pay over time with leasing from Concero and Freedom Tech

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Get IT right the 1st time

It’s OK, we hear your screams. When it comes to buying technology for your school, there’s too much choice and not enough time. Instead of bombarding you with technical jargon,

Concero will find out what you truly need

Step by Step

Talk to us

Tell us what you need. You might know the exact product, you might have an idea of the type of product or you might only know what challenge you need to solve. Let us know as much as you can and we’ll work out the rest.

Briefly wait

We won’t be long. We’re just sourcing the best possible product for your needs at the best possible price. You can use the time however you like.

Make the most of it

Once everything is sourced, you’ll be ready to make your teaching and learning environments the best they can be. Don’t worry, we’ll sort out all of the delivery and operational requirements.

Ask for support

We’ll help with any questions you may have and if the worst happens and you need to return something, we’ll deal with that for you too.

Examples of what we offer


Anything from a USB cable to an interactive screen, we’ve got you covered. No matter how big, small or middling the request, we know where to look in order to get the hardware that matches your needs at the best possible price.


Audio Visual Equipment

All that really means is we find products that combine both sound and visuals. The important thing to note is that the right equipment can greatly enhance your teaching environment and the very best equipment can help to make the classroom so much more interactive.

Audio Visual Equipment


Lots of suppliers, lots of prices, lots of restrictions, lots of benefits, lots of choice. This is a really important investment for your school and we will make sure that your infrastructure is set up in the best way possible to improve learning on location and remotely.


Head in The Cloud

We’ll take the mystery out of The Cloud and make sure that you are set up to access your files quickly and securely from anywhere. With the right tools, The Cloud offers the opportunity for some of the greatest advancements in modern teaching and learning.

Head in The Cloud

1:1 devices, your pathway to better learning

Remote learning, on-site learning, a mixture, it’s all easier with the right devices at the right prices. Concero are partnered with the best in the business to enable blended learning with Shape the Future, Parental Contribution, EduWins and HP Super 6.

1:1 devices, your pathway to better learning

Everything else

From repairs to sorting out contracts, to enhancing your school’s security, there is not much we don’t offer to procure from an IT perspective. Make your life easier by getting in contact today.

Everything else

It’s not always about buying.

We know that right here, right now isn’t always the right time to buy but that you still need the right technology to help you reach your goals. With Concero, there is another option. Leasing allows you to get what you need now and pay over time.

Why Concero?

We believe that every teacher and every student deserve a creative environment without boundaries in order to spark the imagination of future generations.

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