Department for Education (DfE) funding for your school

Up to £2,000 per school! This grant is just one benefit of the DfE’s Platform Provisioning Programme

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Get peace of mind with secure Cloud storage

Make your data safer and your school more productive by “moving to The Cloud”

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Feel the real power of Microsoft 365

Microsoft’s remote learning possibilities bring your classroom to any location

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Making IT Happen

You’re probably not dreaming about IT, that’s our job but you probably do have dreams for your school and your entire Multi-Academy Trust (MAT).

To make those dreams happen, you often need to make IT happen

and that’s where Concero come in.

Managing Change

Real change isn’t implemented just so you can have something shiny and new, it’s implemented so that you can achieve a specific goal or set of goals. Imagine, for example, how much time a teacher can spend helping a child to learn if they don’t have to wait for an important video to buffer or a file to download. Storage on The Cloud and a faster broadband connection can make that happen but getting there requires change. Luckily, we have PRINCE 2 certified experts to help with that.

Managing Change

How do we support you?

It all starts with an idea or dream


We use our curiosity to find out more about exactly what you want to achieve and why.


We analyse what you already have to work out what’s worth keeping and what needs to be improved.


We make the necessary improvements, test them and test again.


We check to make sure the changes we’ve made are helping you to achieve your dreams.

Not technical enough? We try to keep it that way as most people don’t get as excited about tech as we do but if you’d like to get into the cables of it all, give us a call.

Some versatile solutions

Every school has unique needs but there are a few solutions that are set up for many eventualities. Get in touch to see how they could help you to achieve your goals.

Manage your Apples with the Apple MDM Solution

It’s easy to manage all of your Apple devices when you have the Apple Mobile Device Management solution in place.

Manage your Apples with the Apple MDM Solution

365 days of Microsoft 365

We don’t charge extra on a leap year to make sure that Microsoft 365 is enabling you to teach and learn anywhere.

365 days of Microsoft 365

Upgrade your security and productivity with Windows 10

Having the latest Microsoft operating system across your entire network will reassure teachers and students that they can securely, get more done.

Upgrade your security and productivity with Windows 10

Collaborate to innovate with SharePoint

When you collaborate, you innovate. We make that easier by configuring Sharepoint for your specific needs.

Collaborate to innovate with SharePoint

Finding the perfect signal with a wireless survey

Concero don’t take any chances in making sure your broadband is speedy and reliable. Our full site survey means we can ensure you have perfect signal on every device.

Finding the perfect signal with a wireless survey

Industry Standards

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Empower inquisitive minds

Find out how Concero supports your school to empower inquisitive minds, no matter where they are. Check out our remote learning pages.

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Why Concero?

We believe that every teacher and every student deserve a creative environment without boundaries in order to spark the imagination of future generations.

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