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Yes, we’re a bit nerdy but surely a nerd is what you want when it comes to supporting you with technology. Our nerdistry (yes, we made that up) means that we’ve built a lot of knowledge over the years but being the supportive bunch that we are, we don’t want to keep it all to ourselves so we’ve made a few videos to share that knowledge with you.

It should all help with helping you to spark the imagination of future generations. Now, we’d suggest that you bookmark this page and pop back occasionally as we’re also very curious and we’re constantly discovering new things. We’ll make sure we pass on what we learn so…

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Logging a ticket is easy!

I’m sure you’ve heard us say you need to ‘log a ticket’ because without this we can’t look into your issue, manage the progress and get it fixed as soon as possible. To log a ticket is easy. You can get in contact with us a number of ways: give us a call, send us an email or chat to us via our website support. Whatever your issue is, we are here to support you and proactively seek out changes that will add value to you and your team.

Why is everyone talking about The Cloud?

There’s a lot to discover about The Cloud but don’t worry, you do not have to go into this mysterious world alone. We are here to support you and tell you all about the benefits it can bring to your team and school.

What you need to know when setting your password

Passwords, we need them for everything nowadays and one of our most requested support tickets is help resetting a password because of hacking. So, here are our top tips to creating a strong password. These tips wont stop hackers trying to get your personal information but it is a good way to deter them and keep yourself safer for longer. If you require any training or support, get in contact.

Why is my computer really slow?

Tired of dealing with a slow PC? Don't get frustrated and give up. Here are a few simple things you can do just to troubleshoot and remedy it. If this does not help, please get in contact so one of our technicians can look into this further.

What things to check when your interactive board isn’t working

If you’re having trouble with your interactive whiteboard, here are some quick and easy steps you can take to attempt to solve the issue yourself before giving us a call. If none of these steps work, give us a call and we will be happy to help you!

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