Concero provide a complete IT solution for schools and Multi Academy Trusts across the UK.

No matter how big or small your organisation is, we believe they should be safe, secure and compliant. Concero supports school communities from remote support to a fully managed service to deliver a successful digital strategy.

We’ve got you covered



Scheduled +

Fully Managed

Ideal if you don’t need an onsite technician, but just need someone to manage your Microsoft or Google installation and increase productivity across your teams.

Access our experienced Digital Transformation Specialists and our technical escalation teams with Core support. Providing strategic and operational support to customers with existing IT support teams.

Experience our most popular support package. If you need remote support, regular attendance by our engineers, and ad-hoc attendance to deal with issues, setup, or configuration.

The full service for your school. Includes dedicated full-time onsite support staff, essential maintenance, Classroom AV support, SIMS support, and Project Management for additional projects.

How Concero supports your EdTech needs


Support Desk Available 07:30-17:00

Dedicated Customer Experience Manager

20+ years EdTech Experience

Specialist Procurement Team

Digital Transformation Consultancy

Training & Professional Development

What our customers say about us

"Always on hand"

I am resolutely committed to our SLA with Concero UK for the technical support we receive from all personnel – for their timely responses, efficiency and guidance. With limited technical knowledge and understanding for dealing with problems, the team are always on hand when a ‘call for help’ is made! Thank you!

Oak Meadow Primary – Simon Arnold – Headteacher

"Easy to relate to and work with"

Concero are a company that are easy to relate to and work with. They are customer-focused, passionate about giving the children what they need and always able to find a way around a problem. Their staff are realistic, aspirational and outward-looking.

St Nicolas Primary – Jodie Parker – Headteacher

"A company that listens"

Why Concero? A company that adheres to its values.
Courage – a company that is bold – they have continued to change alongside education
Accountability – a company that takes ownership – including accepting and learning from mistakes
Honest – a company that is straightforward – if it’s not the best option, they will be truthful
Supportive – a company that listens – they understand the educational perspective
Dependable – a trustworthy company – they helped us through the pandemic

Bantock Primary – Harvey Sarai – Headteacher

"Extremely efficient"

Extremely efficient and proactive, whom have been instrumental in helping define the school’s digital transformation strategy.

Vaughan Primary – Kirsten Beaven – School Business Leader

"The best possible support"

Concero has been a consistent source of excellent support over the years, and have always kept up with current educational trends in order to provide the best possible support for school IT.

Newton Farm Primary – Matthew Bradley – Headteacher