Concero Protect

Protect your users, data and devices from cyber security threats with Concero Protect

Keeping schools safe and secure is in our DNA at Concero. Schools and Trusts are faced with an evolving Cyber Security Threat that is all too often putting them at risk of severe disruption and reputational damage at best, and data and systems loss, financial loss and safeguarding issues and GDPR breaches in the worst cases.

83% of schools recently reported experiencing some form of Cyber Security Incident* and 69% of schools report being hit by phishing attacks*allowing criminals to target busy school environments and leading to large scale data breaches and disruption schools can ill afford.

At the same time, use of technology is growing in schools, with more users and devices being used in a variety of ways, accessing resources and data through new systems and technologies that provide engaging lessons and reduce workload for staff.

Schools are targeted by criminals because they believe that the sector is underfunded and is not able to provide high levels of security.

Concero Protect provides schools with Cyber Security expertise to minimise the change of attacks and supports schools if the worst happens.

*NCSC 2019 Cyber Security Schools Audit 


Everything you need to keep your school secure from cyber threats in one package


Audit & Diagnostics

What do you already have in place?
Are you meeting DfE & NCSC Standards?


Half termly webinars for staff
Termly webinars for governors



Implementing security protections
Microsoft 365, Google Workspace & Windows Server


Should the worst happen, benefit from expert support to minimise further attack and restore services

Comprehensive Cyber Protection

Our all in one Cyber Security product, Concero Protect enables schools and multi-academy trusts to be confident that they are meeting all requirements for Cyber Security

Our experienced team provide support in protecting your school’s network, training your staff and preventing cyber attacks, as well as being supporting you should the worst happen. 

Multi Academy Trust Discount: 1 school at full rate, subsequent schools at £2,500 per school. 

Feature List

Accredited Support

Audit & Diagnose

Providing you with regular reassurance that your infrastructure both on premise and in the cloud meets all applicable requirements and best practice.

Easy to understand summaries and actions that are required will be documented and discussed in your half termly review meeting, conducted online.

    • Termly cyber security audits carried out across your IT estate, reporting on adherence to statutory regulations, guidance and best practices
      • Review of your online infrastructure (Google Workspace and Office365)
      • Review of any on premise hardware and software
      • Review of your firewall, malware and anti-virus protection
      • Review of your backup solutions
    • Half termly remote review meeting following audit.
Training & Policies


The best form of protection is training of your staff. Our in person and remote training will cover the NCSC guidance and best practice for staff.

  • Half termly sessions for new staff will be held remotely
  • Termly sessions for Governors, Trustees and Directors will be held remotely

Policies Portal

Access to our Concero Protect Portal for policy templates and the latest guidance – including templates for

  • Cyber Incident Response Plans
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Cyber Risk Register

Our team will ensure your systems are configured to our School Baselines which reflect supplier and industry best practices as well as DfE Standards and NCSC guidance. We will proactively monitor your configurations, updating and implementing changes as required.

Our team will ensure that (subject to service subscription and valid licences):

Microsoft Office 365 Customers (Microsoft 365)

  • Multi Factor Authentication is configured and deployed
  • Conditional Access is configured and active*
  • Anti-phishing, Anti-Spam, Anti-Malware are configured and active*
  • Safe Attachments and Safe Links are configured*
  • DMARC/DKIM/SPF records configured for email and domain protection
  • Security Baselines within Intune are configured and reportable*
  • Defender Baselines are configured and enforceable*
  • Bit locker is deployed and enforced on all devices*
  • Monitoring of Audit logs
  • Monitoring of sign ins
  • Evaluation of software deployed via intune for latest versions*
  • Configuration of Windows Updates via Intune*

Google Workspace Customers

  • Advanced Phishing and Malware configuration*
  • Configuration of attachment protection*
  • Spoofing and authentication protection*
  • Configuration of Data Loss Protection Policies
  • Configuration of Google Vault
  • Multi-Factor Authentication is configured and deployed

On Premise Microsoft Server Customers

  • Configuration of Group Policy Security best practices
  • Deployment of server and device anti-virus and malware protection*
  • Configuration of FRSM
  • Windows Firewall Configuration

How this service is delivered:

    • For customers of Concero: our Cyber Security Team will action changes instantly as required. Work completed will be logged as a ticket to your key contact, who will be supported in planning and communication for any impact of changes.
    • For customers with IT teams: scheduled remote support can be requested to provide advice and guidance on how to implement changes.*Additional licences and/or software may be required for these features at additional costs, and are not included within Concero Protect
Recovery Support

Should the worst happen, Concero will provide an initial assessment to assist in understanding and assessing damage from a cyber incident as well as providing guidance to resume normal operations.

Additionally, if your current IT support is unable to assist in ensuring a comprehensive resolution is put into place, our Concero Protect customers get priority access to our OnDemand support with discounted day rates.

Initial assessment and protection

  • On call Monday to Friday 7:30am to 5pm
  • Our team will work with you remotely to assess the situation, and confirm next steps, including:
    • Understand impacted systems and potential impact, communicating these quickly to assess next steps.
    • Protect unaffected systems to avoid further damage
    • Assist in implementation of school/trust disaster recovery and business continuity plans from an IT perspective, restoring access as and when possible for key users and systems.
    • Investigate points of entry, and provide guidance to secure systems.
    • Advise school of recovery requirements, timescale
    • Priority access to procurement specialist

Support to recover from a Cyber Incident

  • Access to discounted onsite support to lead, assist or monitor the resolution
  • 1st, 2nd, 3rd line technical support and advanced project management capacity
  • Responsive availability.