Concero Migrate

Move to a complete cloud environment 

Many schools struggle to work in a hybrid environment, with some users using the cloud and others not, leading to duplicating in cost and complexity.

Concero are leading the way in moving schools and trusts with a complete solution that ensures every aspect of a school’s requirements is met.

We take care of the whole process, and we ensure that the move is seamless, using our experience of education and cloud solutions. This includes ensuring you meet the DfE Standards, Safeguarding requirements, National Cyber Security Centre guidance as well as best practice from both Microsoft and Google.

Working with a range of partners and using our inhouse experts, we are confident our education focused cloud migration solution is the right fit for your school or trust. 

It doesn’t matter if you are team Google or team Microsoft – we are team education.


Data Migration

Migration of your data from on premise servers into the cloud, including all documents and shared areas

Device Migration

Devices are moved to be managed by your cloud provider rather then onsite servers

User Migration

Users will be migrated into the cloud for management

Software Migration

Our experts will migrate all your software that is compatible into the cloud for management and deployment, where not possible we will support you to move to a new solution.

Additional Services
  • Cloud MIS Advice and Support, partnering with Arbor, Bromcom and Iris | Ed:Gen
  • Cloud Backup Solutions to keep your data secure
  • Cyber Security Advice
  • Wireless and Wired network design and upgrades
  • Broadband connectivity solutions

Tried and tested migrations

It’s not all gadgets…

We make sure your cloud migration results in engaging lessons and workload reduction for staff by supporting adoption through training.

Our partners TA:Education are the experts in helping teachers realise the benefits of cloud, and the tools it brings into classrooms. Their trainers are often former teachers who have moved into the training arena.