About Us

Our Mission

Is to spark the imagination of future generations by empowering inquisitive minds.

We do this by

showing people what’s possible and ensuring they have access to the right support in the right place and at the right time, no matter where they are.

About us

In 2008 James Morris and Bradley Clegg formed Concero to help design, build and support education organisations by delivering outstanding specialist technology services and solutions.

Our Culture

Let’s create classrooms where opportunity is the expectation. Let’s empower inquisitive minds, let’s feed anticipation. Let’s focus on solutions, let’s focus on creating. Let’s spark the imagination of future generations.


Each of us has our own moral compass, but at Concero, we expect every colleague to do what they truly believe to be right. We will always be honest with ourselves, and you can trust that Concero will have your best interests at heart.


Whatever you need, you can ask a member of the Concero team, and they will support you in any way they can. They may not always have the answer, but you can depend on them to help you achieve your goal.


At Concero, we look beyond what we already know. We always play with ideas, use our unique imagination and always ask questions.

Our Values


Even if we know the path ahead is challenging, we still say yes


We’re a curious bunch, but we know the importance of listening first


When we say that we’re going to do something, we do it


Not just for our own decisions but for the challenges facing us


When support is asked for by anybody associated with Concero, we find a way to help


We are courageous enough to be honest with ourselves about what we can and can’t achieve

Our Partners

Our team and specialist partners are here if you’re looking for quotes on computers, advice and guidance on safeguarding software, or need help embedding technology into the classroom. Quite simply, if it’s EdTech related, you can come to us.

We’ve teamed up with companies such as Microsoft, Google, Tablet Academy, Senso.cloud and many other EdTech specialists to ensure we can make everything work efficiently in your school and help you with any EdTech-related queries.

Our Serious Side

We’re a fun, playful bunch, but there are certain things we take seriously. Supporting you to support the next generation’s future is at the top of that list. That’s why we’ve worked extremely hard to get the most important frameworks, programs and accreditations in the world of technology and project management.